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Wealth Venture Partners


Size of the Market

The Startup must demonstrate that the business will target a large, addressable market opportunity. For Wealth Venture Partners, “large” typically means a total market that can generate $10 billion or more in annual revenues.


Current Revenues and Future Revenue Growth

Wealth Venture Partners seeks out companies that are pre-revenue with a completed beta tested product. Companies we select have a high probability of sales and recurring revenues within 6 months after funding.


Our Vetting Process is Thorough

We meet with each startup company and use our systematic approach in evaluation to choose the best of the best. The companies we invest in must pass 5 primary tests before they become a Wealth Venture Partner investment.


Great Product with Competitive Edge

WVP wants to invest in great products and services with a competitive edge that is long lasting. We look for a solution to a real, burning problem that hasn’t been solved before by other companies in the marketplace. We look for products and services that customers can’t do without – because it’s so much better or because it’s so much cheaper than anything else in the market.


Assessment of Risks

Startups have high risk by nature. WVP’s job is to evaluate risk and minimize it where possible. We speak to the business’s founders, executives, customers, sales people and experts in their market to be absolutely clear about what the business risks are. Then we evaluate how those risks can be managed for the best possible result.



Quite simply, management is by far the most important factor that smart investors take into consideration. We invest in a management team and its ability to execute on the business plan, first and foremost. We are not looking for “green” managers, we are looking ideally for executives who have successfully built businesses that have generated high returns. Founders must also have the ability to lead their teams into a revenue focus versus a product development orientation.

Leif Hartwig

Managing Partner and Founder of Wealth Venture Partners

Straight out of the CEO position at Bolste Corporation where his startup was awarded the Best Small Business in Scottsdale, Arizona 2017 and was named a Software Company Top Innovator of the year by the prestigious Aragon Research Company. His connections and network are extensive within the top banking, venture capital and financial institutions in the US.  He began his business career at RBC Wealth Management where he rose to the level of a Senior Vice President.

Boards and Memberships (Partial Listing)

  • Chairman of the Board of the American Heart Association Tucson Arizona
  • Founding Chair of the Heart Association Heart Walk
  • Foundation Board Member of Tucson Medical Center
  • President of Church Council


Proud Father of two Daughters, Triathlete, Fly Fisherman, Division 1 Rugby at University of Arizona



Wealth Venture Partners Investors’ Group

How to Join

The Wealth Venture Partners Investor’s Group is an exclusive membership of Highly Qualified Individuals and Family Offices. You must be accepted into the group by WVP and meet the qualifications of the membership guidelines.

Members will have access to 3-5 exclusive vetted investment opportunities a year. Investment is on a “First Come, First Serve Basis” and there is no guarantee that a member will be able to participate in an investment if it is oversubscribed.


  • Each individual or entity must have an investible net worth $25 million or more (exclusive of personal property and businesses).
  • Must be able to commit a minimum of $250,000 to an individual investment opportunity.
  • Must agree to the terms and conditions of membership.
  • Must agree to the terms and conditions of the fund subscription agreement

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